Repurposing Empty Boxes after Moving

Repurposing Empty Boxes after Moving

The hustle and bustle of the big move is over, and after all the unpacking and organizing your home is finally set up. You are now left wondering how to get rid of the heaps of cardboard boxes scattered around the house.

Before you simply head towards the bin to dump the empty boxes, consider these useful tips to repurpose the boxes:

Use boxes for self-storage

Fill up the strong and clean boxes with seasonal items such as clothes or decorations and place them in the garage or attic till you need them next season. If you are running out of space rent an insured storage facility to safely store the filled boxes until you need it again.

Get creative with the boxes

Entertain your kids by getting artistic and spill colorful paints onto the boxes. Then convert the colored boxes into playhouses, tents, castles or pretend cars. Creativity has no limits, and you can fetch additional ideas from the internet to turn boxes into pen holders, or photo frames.

Lend the boxes

Inquire with the real-estate manager if anyone is moving home in the building or community. You can also circulate message in WhatsApp group or on social media accounts to let people know they can collect boxes for their home shifting right away. This is a thoughtful way to stop others from buying new boxes, while you also eliminate something no longer serving you.

Recycle damaged boxes

All the tattered and damaged boxes can be considered for recycling. Flatten them and hand them over to nearest waste management company. This way you get rid of the junk and are also save the environment from waste.

Turn boxes into compost

If your new home has open garden spaces, then get onto some gardening skills by making compost out of boxes. Corrugated cardboard being bio-degradable break down readily. All you need to do is tear the boxes into tiny pieces for faster decomposition. Then use this fertile soil to grow your favorite vegetables around the home.

Using a combination of these ideas, you should be able to repurpose the leftover boxes and get the rest to beneficial use by those who are moving home next.

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