Moving to Al Ain  

Moving to Al Ain  

 If you are longing for a life close to nature and with splendid scenery around, then Al Ain is the perfect place to relocate to the UAE. Living in Al Ain can be a life-changing experience for someone who has a good appetite for travel and exploration. 

Al Ain, which means spring of water in Arabic, is a bordering city in the Emirates of Abu Dhabi. Filled with palm trees and more greenery around its magnificent roundabouts, it is also called the garden city in the UAE. Over the last few years, as transport links to neighboring cities and business opportunities increase more and more expats are moving home to Al Ain and appreciating all that this green city has to offer.   

Tamam Movers, top movers and packers in the UAE, have moved a lot of families and individuals all over the Emirates. Over the years we have improved our moving services and guarantee you a worry-free moving experience each time. In this article, we highlight why shifting Home to Al Ain has many benefits. 

Housing facilities and amenities  

Apartment complexes and villas are available at affordable rates in terms of rent or lease. Plus, the housing facilities are spacious and surrounded by greenery. All kinds of general amenities such as good hospitals, clinics, plush malls, decent schools and reputed colleges are available for residents. Also, many economical restaurants and cafeterias give you budget meals and satiate your varied food cravings. 

Leisure venues  

The popular Al Ain Oasis, Jebel Hafeet Mountain, Al Ain Zoo, Fun City and Green Mubazzarah are the perfect spots for picnics and family get-togethers around the year. Kids and pets have ample green spaces to move around and enjoy the awe-inspiring views of the surrounding hills and mountains.  

Pleasant climate 

With not many high-rise buildings around, the city is washed with fresh breezes and not-so-humid temperatures. Winters are relatively cool, and this is the most popular time for outdoor activities such as barbeques and sports. 

Souqs and markets 

Traditional souqs for dates, fruits, vegetables and livestock are usually around. Ai Ain is also home to handicraft markets and heritage sites and serves as a cultural retreat for residents of Dubai and Abu Dhabi. The Al Ain Palace Museum, National Museum, and Hili Archaeological Park pay tribute to the city’s glorious past and are famous places to visit.  

Safety and security 

Al Ain is a relatively safe city for both expatriates and locals. With Abu Dhabi police patrolling the streets and corners and strict rules, the city gives a secure living atmosphere for all.  

From historical forts and hilly terrains to lush green parks, you will find everything when you move to this amazing city. 

We make your move easy anywhere 

As one of the best movers and packers in Dubai, we can help you organize your move wherever you want, inside and outside the UAE. We have dedicated ourselves to perfecting our processes by adhering to the highest quality standards for packing, loading and transportation. The support of our expert team of home movers ensures your belongings arrive safely and intact at the new destination. Contact our team of professional movers today to get a quote for the best move of your life. 

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