About us

About us

The word Tamam finds meanings in Arabic, Persian and Urdu, and it means ‘All is Ok’. With Tamam Movers you can expect just that. Shifting homes & offices with ease and minimum disruption is the reason we started this journey, and our aim is to make your relocation experience the most convenient and memorable one. Through our quality services, spanning over 20+ years in Dubai and Abu Dhabi we aspire to be a brand that you can connect with and trust to make your next move. So, the next time you need domestic or international movers and packers, think of Tamam Movers.

At Tamam, we strongly believe in the idea of ‘moving more’. To progress in life we ought to move forward be it in our work, hobbies, skills or even our homes. In fact, when it comes to moving homes we’re often tied to the comfort our current environment despite opportunities that may present itself in the form of an upgrade. In all fariness, it can seem like a daunting task but Tamam can help you make that move

What we offer

Now that you’re familiar with our story, these are the services we primarily offer:

Why Moving with Tamam is the best for you?

Built on 18+ years of experience, our company ensures that your moves be it one or many is done with ease and minimum interruptions. Our time-tested methods and completion of numerous projects have enabled us to create a home relocation or office relocation experience in the UAE like no other.

Here’s why you should opt for our moving services.

Here’s why you should opt for our moving services.

  • 18+ years of experience
  • Digitally agile
  • Convenience
  • Extra care
  • Value for money

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Our prices are possible because of our lean operations and efficient administration. We are constantly finding ways and means to keep costs low and pass on savings to customers. Affordable movers? Yes, we won’t burn a hole in your wallet

With you every step of the move

Whether you are moving two blocks down the lane, within the UAE, or across oceans to another country, we are your go-to source for safe and secure home moving services in the UAE. All you need to do is schedule the move with us. We will take care of the rest – a smooth process from survey, quote to final move. Find out more