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Home Movers

Home Movers

Tamam Movers mission is to make your home relocation most easy and carefree.

Tamam Movers mission is to make your home relocation most easy and carefree. We are trained and skilled movers and packers with good experience in moving studio apartments, one bedroom apartment, two bedroom flats, and even small and large villas in Dubai and Sharjah.

We move home with great precision and planning and will also prepare you so that we can together ensure a very safe and secure moving experience. As soon as you call us we will have someone over to survey and give you a fixed quote and you will like our prices. Before the move day we will let you know how to prepare and on the move day we will arrive on time, and work quickly and safely to un-assemble your furniture and pack it. We will also secure your other belongings including clothes, cutlery, frames, wall hangings, etc.

Our team will safely load it into our van, and at your new place we will assemble it back and leave with a smile on your face.

Why do it yourself, or trust a one-man team when you can get a better service at reasonable prices.

You must have searched for many days to find your new apartment, but your search for a moving company ends with us. Dubai or Sharjah, we can do the moving and packing for you.

Nobody likes surprises after moving or demand for additional money and nor tips. We offer fixed prices and our best ‘Tip’ is your compliment.

Call Us. We are waiting for your call.
+971 55 5081 500