1- Why hire Tamam Movers in Dubai?

At Tamam, we live by our mission to make your relocation as easy and carefree as possible. Tamam in Arabic means ‘All is Okay’. So, trust us as your go-to moving company in Dubai and expect everything to go well.

2- How can I book a move with Tamam Movers?

Booking a relocation is simple. We’re just a call or email away! Dial +971 58 826 9673 or email to info@tamammovers.com. We’ll book a move date/time convenient to you. Alternatively click ‘Get an instant quote’ for booking allied services such as handyman, storage and export packing.

3- How many days in advance do you need to book the move?

As movers and packers, we usually require 2 to 3 days’ notice for moving on a weekday and 5 to 7 days’ notice for a weekend move. As per your preferred moving schedule, our customer service team will book a date/time and confirm to you.

4- Is your team of movers in Abu Dhabi as well?

Yes, our moving company is in Abu Dhabi as well. If you need to move in and around Abu Dhabi, we have been offering moving services in Abu Dhabi for quite a few years.

5- How to get in touch with our Movers and Packers in Abu Dhbai?

Reaching out to us is simple. Dial +971 58 826 9673 or email to info@tamammovers.com. to communicate with our movers in Abu Dhabi. Our Dubai and Abu Dhabi offices are well linked and will patch you on with our crew of movers in Abu Dhabi.

6- What makes your moving services in Abu Dhabi reliable?

As movers and packers in Abu Dhabi we carry the same credibility and legacy of Tamam Movers since 2003. Our crew of movers in Abu Dhabi are also rigorously trained on fail-proof moving methods, courtesy and customer-interaction skills. In addition, they are trained in packing and moving hacks and adhere to all safety standards during moves.

7- Can I get a moving quote over phone?

The cost of home shifting services or company moving services vary widely as per the size of your property, the location and the assets or departments within. However, at the most we can offer an approximate estimate over the phone, but we recommend you let us carry out a survey to offer a comprehensive quote for your house shifting or office relocation assignment.

8- Do you work on Fridays and other holidays?

Yes, we do undertake house shifting and company moving tasks on weekends and other holidays. However, the booking needs to be made well in advance, due to the high demand for home shifting services during these days.

9- Do you provide insurance?

Yes, we do provide insurance. You need to declare the value of the goods to be moved and we will arrange insurance for a small premium.

10- When do we pay for the move?

We take 50% amount in advance and balance upon completion of the move.

11- What measures are taken for moves post Covid-19?

As top house movers in Dubai/ office movers in Dubai Tamam’s top priority is to ensure the safety of our clients during the home moving or office shifting process. The covid-19 aftermath has propelled us to follow even stricter safety protocols and precautionary measures to ensure the well-being of our clients and employees.

Packing Services

1- Will you pack our goods?

Yes, we pack, transport and unpack your goods for the house shifting. All your possessions will be neatly packed with quality packing materials and transported safely in a pristine condition.

2- Can we do our own packing?

Yes, you can do your own packing. Just let us know your specific packing supply requirements by call/email and we can deliver packing materials to you before the move date.

3- Can you tell us more about your export packing services?

We ensure your goods for export are securely packed with good quality packing materials. Having a reputation for safely packing different types of goods, we have helped customers pack appliances, furniture, household items and other items for their export business. We make sure your exported goods arrive safely in an unscathed condition.

Home moving services

1- How do I choose reputable domestic home moving companies?

It’s best to do your research to arrive at the best home moving companies in Dubai. Browse varied moving company websites, check their number of years in business, range of services they offer, certifications they hold and read customers testimonials and reviews on Google. Also ask for recommendations from friends and colleagues. Ensure the company is licensed and insured too.

2- How is the moving quote calculated? Is there any hidden fees or extra charges?

Moving costs are calculated based on the distance of the move, the volume of items and additional services requested (packing, handyman, storage). As a reputed moving company , our pricing is transparent and all-inclusive with a clear breakup of our home shifting services, and no hidden charges whatsoever.

3- How should I pack fragile items for a house move? Do you offer packing services too?

As per your requirements, we supply appropriate packing materials such as bubble wrap, packing paper, and sturdy boxes for you to properly pack your items for home shifting. You can anytime book us for packing services of your fragile items, and bulky items.

4- During home shifting do you move plants too?

As experienced movers in Abu Dhabi/Dubai we can move your plants. We safely shift your green pals along so that you can enjoy the greenery back again in your new home.

5- What sets your villa moving services in Dubai apart?

Our decades of experience, quality service, personalized approach and commitment to delivering stress-free moves is what make our movers stand out. Whether you are moving a four-bedroom villa or a huge mansion, we cater to the unique moving unique needs of properties of all sizes in Dubai.

6- As villa movers do you customize your moving services for different villas?

Yes, we adopt a personalized approach for every villa move. Our team assesses the unique belongings of your property and antique units within. Accordingly, we chart a customized plan to ensure a damage-free, safe and seamless relocation experience.

7- Can you accommodate a specific moving schedule as per our convenience and comfort?

Absolutely. We understand your work commitments, home responsibilities and time limitations. Hence, we are flexible to fix up a specific moving schedule that causes no inconveniences or discomfort to you. Our team of movers work efficiently to minimize disruptions to your daily routine too.

8- How do you handle fragile, expensive and antique items during the move?

As professional movers we bring in the best packing materials and techniques to wrap and haul your fragile or valuable items. Special attention and extra care are exercised during loading, transporting and unloading to ensure the safe movement and arrival of your valuables.

Handyman services

1- What services do your handyman professionals typically offer?

Our handyman are trained to cover a wide range of tasks, including minor repairs, installations, maintenance, and other household projects. This can include painting, plumbing, electrical work, carpentry, painting, cleaning and junk disposal.

2- Can a handyman help with emergency repairs?

Yes, our handyman in Dubai/ handyman in Abu Dhabi are ever ready to help you with emergency urgent repairs. It’s advisable that you inquire about their availability through call for immediate assistance.

3- Can I book a handyman in Dubai/Abu Dhabi for both residential and commercial properties?

Yes of course! Our handyman in Abu Dhabi/ Dubai cater to both residential and commercial properties. They tailor their handyman services to meet the varied needs of both homeowners and businesses, undertaking maintenance, repairs, electrical, carpentry and cleaning services on a call.

4- How much time do your handyman in Dubai/Abu Dhabi take to complete a tasks?

The time taken for handyman tasks varies depending on the complexity of the task. Small repairs might take a few hours, while more extensive tasks like plumbing, painting and renovations could span several days. Our handyman update you on the estimated duration of the job scope at the time of booking or consultation.

Furniture moving

1- How do you prepare my furniture for a move?

We disassemble large furniture to ensure its easy movement, wrap delicate units in protective materials, and secure loose parts. We use sufficient bubble wrap or crumpled paper padding to ensure damage-free transportation of these items. After that we properly label each piece to avoid misplacement and make reassembly easier at the destination.

2- What if my furniture doesn’t fit through doorways or staircases?

As an expert furniture moving company, we measure the dimensions and wight of your furniture items in the planning phase to decide its movement route. If necessary, we’ll move your odd-shaped and bulky items through broad window and balcony doors using specialized equipment or techniques. We have the expertise to navigate challenging spaces and ensure your furniture is shifted without damage.

3- How do you protect furniture during transit?

We use high-quality packing materials such as sturdy cardboard boxes, furniture blankets, bubble wrap, and padding, to safeguard your items against scratches, dents and other damage during transportation.

4- Can you dismantle and reinstall the furniture?

Yes, as experienced furniture movers in Dubai /funiture movers in Abu Dhabi we have skilled carpenters in the team who can dismantle and reassemble furniture just in time for you. They’ll set up your cupboards, cabinets, beds, tables, curtains wall hangings, chandeliers and more.

5- Do you move the furniture of the offices too?

Yes, our furniture moving services extend to offices too. Not only do we move office furniture we can also execute furniture installation, furniture reconfiguration and rearrangement.

6- Are your furniture movers in Abu Dhabi as well?

Yes, our furniture movers operate in Abu Dhabi as well. One call to us is all you need to get started with your furniture move in Abu Dhabi.

Office Relocation

1- How much in advance should I book an office shifting service?

As office relocations are elaborate and complex in nature, bookings should be made as far in advance as possible to secure your preferred booking day and give us the best chance to properly prepare for and execute your office move. It’s advisable to start planning your office shifting at least 3-4 months in advance.

2- Do you execute office relocations during non-business hours?

Yes, we do execute office shifting during non-business hours or over the weekend. We’ll ensure your furniture, IT equipment and electricals are all set up efficiently at the new office so that you can resume your business operations within no time.

3- How do we ensure the safe transport of office equipment?

As experienced office movers in Dubai/Abu Dhabi, we do all it takes to ensure a damage-free relocation. We utilize quality packing materials and extra padding for shifting sensitive equipment. Our movers and packers exert extra care during the loading and unloading process to ensure all your equipment is up and functioning in your new office.

Storage Facility

1- Do you provide storage facilities in Dubai and Abu Dhabi?

Yes, we offer long-term and short-term storage units in Dubai/Abu Dhabi in a state-of-the-art warehouse entirely managed by us. We provide flexible storage periods to store your excess and seasonal possessions. All our storage facilities in Abu Dhabi/Dubai are at reasonable prices and you get a lucrative deal of 1-month free storage on a minimum 4-month storage contract.

2- How do I reserve a storage unit in Dubai/Abu Dhabi?

For your convenience, you can book a storage unit on-line from ‘Get an instant quote’ page on our website, by communicating with our storage company in Dubai by dialing the number or sending an email to the contact listed on our website or by visiting our location in person.

3- Are your storage terms flexible?

Absolutely. All our storage rental agreements are flexible. You can rent a storage unit in Dubai/Abu Dhabi for as short as a month to a year and beyond. Additionally, we offer the flexibility to change the booking as per your circumstances.

4- What are the key factors to consider when choosing a warehouse storage facility in Dubai/Abu Dhabi?

Various factors must be screened before you select a storage company in Abu Dhabi or Dubai. The list includes location, number of years in business, infrastructure condition, security measures, insured and climate control options, ease of accessibility and the facility’s ability to accommodate specific storage needs.

5- How are security and safety maintained in your warehouse storage facilities?

Security and safety of the stored items are assured through 24/7 hi-tech surveillance systems, temperature-control, access controls and alarm systems. In addition our staff keep an active watch round the clock and are trained to adhere to safety protocols at all times.

International Moving

1- How do I choose an international moving company in Dubai?

It’s best to do your research to arrive at the best international moving companies in Dubai. Browse the websites of international movers, check their number of years in business, range of services they offer, certifications they hold. Checking ratings and reviews left by customers will help you assess if they have the necessary expertise to handle international relocations.

2- How far in advance should I book international movers in Dubai?

It’s recommended that you book international moving services at least 3-6 months in advance. This allows time for visa processing, paperwork, and the elaborate customs and document clearances processes that go into international moves.

3- Do you offer delivery services at destination?

As a leading international moving company in Dubai we have a wide network of trustworthy freight forwarding and delivery agents who’ll support the customs clearance and liase with you regarding delivery or storage. We assure you belongings will reach safely and unscathed within the promised timeline to your doorstep.