4 Reasons to Book Experienced Furniture Movers

4 Reasons to Book Experienced Furniture Movers

When moving houses, the toughest part of the relocation is shifting furniture like tables, cupboards, beds and antique units. These heavy, bulky and at times odd-shaped items need moving with care. If one isn’t qualified to do so, this is a sure-fire way to accidents and more headaches.

Tamam Movers, experienced movers in Dubai, have been shifting different kinds of homes and the furniture within. From delicate paintings to bulky wardrobes, our crew are experts at moving furniture with zero damage.

Over the years we’ve come across instances where DIY furniture moves have gone badly wrong and hence, we highlight some of the areas of caution when attempting to move furniture yourself.

Injuries and accidents

When moving your colossal furniture towards the lift or down the stairs and into the vehicle, you never know who’s in the way. A slip or loose grip may cause them to fall, harming another’s property or worst causing grave injuries. Such accidents cause you more headaches of legal trouble, third party compensation and thus make your move more expensive.

Damages to units

Moving odd, shaped furniture like antiques, piano or gym equipment is a tricky situation. Lacking the correct packing materials and wraps, scratches can appear on tiled surfaces and abrasions or ruptures on your units. Most damages are irreversible, and you’ll curse yourself for attempting a careless DIY shift.

Trapped furniture

When moving furniture, you may forget to measure the height, breath or weight of the unit. And when moving them into the corridor, lift, staircase or vehicle, they can get stuck in the middle of the way. This will create a nuisance to other building occupants or passers-by thus creating an embarrassing scene.

For all these reasons it is prudent to hire an expert furniture mover to ease your relocation.

Move your furniture with Tamam

At Tamam, our fully trained packers and movers are committed to providing the highest level of safety and satisfaction. When you book our furniture moving services you can be confident of a worry-free move. We manage the packing, collection, transportation and delivery of your furniture with the utmost care. We bring in the necessary equipment like dollies and hand trucks to move your items quickly and effortlessly.

If you’re looking for a trusted home relocation company in Dubai that can assist you with varied furniture moves, get in touch with Tamam. Contact +971 58 826 9673 and we’ll be at your doorstep addressing your furniture shifting needs.

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