Packing your Kid’s Toys when Moving

Packing your Kid’s Toys when Moving

Whether you have a toddler or a school-going child at home, as parents you know how much toys mean to them. And when moving home any toy going missing or broken can leave them in uncontrollable weeps and sobs.

Well, organizing and packing an entire mountain of toys isn’t easy. Soft teddy bears, dolls, guns, building blocks, puzzles and other play items take a lot more time and effort to pack. It involves finding all the pieces and packing them together in their respective packs or boxes.

For parents who are curious to know on how to pack toys for moving, our team of expert home movers have listed down a few useful tips:

Purge the toy box

The first step is to inspect the toy box for any damaged or unwanted toys. If your kids have outgrown certain toys, consider donating them to some other child or discarding them in the bin. By purging unused toys, you’ll end up saving money and effort on packing and reducing the weight to be carried along.

Clean and disinfect

Cleaning heaps of toys before moving is important especially if your child’s health and hygiene are a priority. Frequently used toys are quite dirty and if not cleaned dirt and germs can enter your new home. We recommend washing the toys in a bucket of warm soapy water with an added disinfectant and drying them out in the sun.

Gather the right packing materials

Toys being fragile and involving many parts can get easily damaged or lost during the move. Plus, all the different pieces in toy sets such as puzzles, building blocks, and action figures can get misplaced. Though it may be tempting to simply pack all in one large box, this isn’t the right method.

Make use of smaller boxes to pack toy sets firmly with all their moving parts or pieces in one unit. Source superior packing materials or order them from your movers, which include small and medium-sized cardboard boxes as well as bubble wraps, and plastic coverings to cushion small toys and puzzle pieces. Also order large bags or boxes for the softer toys like teddy bears and dolls.

Disassemble toys

Large toys such as cozy coupes, teepee tents, bikes, cars, walkers, jumpers and dollhouses need to be disassembled before the move. Delicate wooden and block-building toys should be sealed in plastic packs. By dissembling toys and packing them together, you’ll prevent chances of misplacement or breakage.

Pack soft toys in bags

For those cuddly teddy bears and other soft toys, you can easily pack them in large plastic bags or sturdy garbage bags. Being light and less susceptible to damage you can simply carry them along in your cars’ trunk or dump them in the moving truck.

Cushion boxes

Crumpled paper, bubble wraps, newspaper and towels can be stuffed inside to plug gaps in the boxes. This way the toys will be held tightly and saved from sudden jerks and turns of travel. Once all the toys are laid with cushioned support, you need to tape the boxes to prevent fall out during transit.

Leave some toys to play

Lastly, if you’re making a long-distance move remember to keep out some small toys to occupy your child during the journey. This way your child will travel happily to their new home.

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