Managing the Financial Stress of Relocation  

Managing the Financial Stress of Relocation  

Moving home takes time, energy and money, which few of us have to spare.  Money is a big contributor to stress when moving, especially for those who are hard-pressed on finances. From the cost of renting or buying a new place to the cost of travelling and buying new furniture, it is a major concern during a house move.    

However, a bit of planning, discarding the excess and selecting trusted movers and packers can help you manage the move within your budget. In this article, we list a few tips to help you arrive at an economical move. 

Fix a budget  

Before finalizing your moving decision it’s always best to list down the various brackets of expenses such as cost for movers, rental charges of new home, approx. cost of furniture or things, and so on. Crunching the numbers will help you avoid uncontrolled expenditures that you aren’t prepared to pay for.  Plus anticipating the various lists of expenses will help you save and budget your money early on. 

Pack by yourself  

One of the easiest ways to lessen the financial burden is to pack by yourself. Planning the packing in advance and organizing your boxes can save you a lot of money. In addition, you’ll know exactly where you placed each item and find it with ease. Also, there’s no shame in asking for help from friends or family with the packing. You can leave only the bulky and unmanageable stuff to be packed by the movers and packers.  

Purge your stuff 

Purging unwanted things and travelling light is the key to keeping finances in check. In simple the fewer possessions you have, the less you’ll pay. Check all your stuff and get rid of that you do not use or need. Either donate it to someone in need or sell it in the secondhand market to get some cash at hand. Utilize this money in your moving budget to cover the expenses. 

Book professional movers and packers 

Hiring a reputable home shifting company can cost you a bit but it assures all your things will reach their destination in an unscathed condition. On the other hand, going with an unprofessional home movers service can cost you even more. The cost and headache of repairing your damaged or missing belongings is not worth the decision. 

Also reputed moving companies’ charges are upfront and involve no hidden costs. Though initially hiring unprofessional movers may seem feasible, the hidden costs and tips will take you by surprise. 

Book early and on non-busy days 

Booking home movers in advance can fetch you some discount. Also opting to move on a weekday instead of a weekend can be of help. There’ll be less traffic, so you can reach your destination faster and without delays. 

Moving is undoubtedly stressful, but with a little bit of planning and selection of the right movers, you can go on a happy and smooth ride without straining your pocket.  

Move on a budget with us 

At Tamam, a reputed moving company in Dubai, we guarantee to make your move a worry-free one. We have shifted several individuals and families over the years. We understand every single particularity of your move and know every household has different needs. We can tailor our moving services in line with your needs and comfort. The best part is our relocation services are affordable and within your budget.  

Wherever you wish to go, our movers and packers commit to providing you with the best moving and storage services. Get started with your move by contacting our home movers today. 

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