Helping Kids to Move Home 

Helping Kids to Move Home 

Moving is not just a challenge it is also an adventure for the kids. A new place, new school, and new friends will be an exciting phase for them. However, some kids may not be able to cope with the pressure that comes with moving home. Sadness may engulf them to bid goodbye to their current home, school or friends. 

Tamam Movers, top movers and packers in Dubai, understand how moving can turn into a major concern for the little ones at times, and can leave them feeling displaced. A little bit of planning and timely guidance from parents is all it takes to have them thrive in their new home. Our home movers have listed a few useful tips to help your little ones with their approaching move. 

Open dialogue and assurance 

Would the new place be interesting? Will I make new friends? Can I cope with the demands of the new school? Well, a lot of thoughts occupy your kid’s mind. You as a concerned adult can manage their apprehensions by just having a candid talk with them. An open conversation to clarify concerns and an assurance that time will make things right will set aside their fears. 

Carry their comfort objects 

Most kids have some objects that are very precious to them. It could be a toy, blanket, an idol or even just a photo. Encourage your kids to pack what is dear to them in their backpacks so that they feel comforted and happy with it along the journey. Also, as you unpack, they can be happy sleeping with their comfort objects in their new home. 

Encourage kids to make new friends 

The neighbourhood is a very good place to start. As soon as you land encourage your kids to go on exploration mode. Walk with your kids around the colony, greet your neighbours and invite them over for tea/coffee. This’ll help your kids make new friends and engage in play time in the evenings and on weekends. 

Tour the city 

A simple way to keep the move excitement on is to take the kids on tours to explore new attractions in tons. Picnics to gardens, beaches, museums and theme parks will give your kids a jolly time. Plus, the active schedule will help them sleep well and get up fresh and happy to start the new day. 

Seek external help 

Some kids are highly sensitive, and they take time to adjust to abrupt changes. In case you spot strange behaviour in your child like sleeping the whole day, lethargy or sudden reduction in activity, diminished appetite, or loss of interest it’s best to seek help from a trained medical professional to help them cope. 

Hope these tips will help your kids adjust to a new environment and move on with their routine life.  

Move home with Tamam 

Tamam, a renowned moving company in Dubai, can make your relocation no less than a smooth adventure. Packing, loading and transporting your things in a jiffy, we ensure no worries whatsoever for your family or kids. Your things will arrive safely in their new destination, and you can avail the help of our furniture movers and handyman to set up and organize the house. Just trust us with your move and leave your details online to receive a callback from our movers and packers. 

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