Expert Furniture Movers in Town 

Expert Furniture Movers in Town 

Need a vintage piece of furniture or a heavy cupboard to be shifted? Tamam Movers offers you all the help for your small or large-scale move. 

Carrying a heavy sofa down a flight of stairs is no fun. Without experts handling the shift, it’s a sure recipe for disaster with increased risks of accident-related injuries and damage. Therefore, furniture moving and removals are a specialist’s job for a reason.  The moving of your furniture sets, chandeliers, fridge, cupboard or work desks should always be handled by trained and experienced movers. 

The need to dismantle, shift or dispose of furniture is not restricted to moving only, and there are several situations in which furniture movers can be of help. In this piece, we briefly explain three scenarios where furniture moving and removal services can be of great help: 

Living lighter 

Whether you are starting life fresh or moving to another home, there is no point in taking bulky furniture along that is limiting space. The best way is to assess what’s no longer needed, call in furniture mover experts to dismantle and dispose of the junk away. By getting rid of the oversized or misfit pieces, you feel much happier in your space. Besides, discarding stuff you no longer need is going to lighten your load and save more money in your pocket when moving. 


Many a times, you want to renovate your workplace as you might have either gotten bored of the furniture or feel it’s outdated. That’s when you want to get rid of all your old furniture and  skilled handyman services can be of help. They will not only help to dismantle and throw away outdated furniture, but also help in installing and reconfiguring the new furniture around and giving the finishing touches to your interiors.  

Sentimental value 

Sometimes furniture pieces can be dear to you as they carry sentimental value.  This could be an ancestral unit inherited by you or a piece of vintage sideboard owned by you. When moving, even the slightest scratch can play on your emotions. In such cases, an experienced furniture mover company has the equipment to take care of your antiques and make sure they get into their designated places with no damage. 

If you are set on preserving sentimental pieces, moving unique furniture, or do not have the expertise to move heavy things by yourself, furniture movers are worth a try. 

Move more, Tamam will do the heavy lifting  

Tamam Movers, a trustworthy moving company in UAE, offer all kinds of furniture removal services in town at pocket-friendly prices. Whether you need office or home moving services, add-on solutions such as handyman services or furniture moving, ours is a budget moving service.   As the most affordable movers, we aim to make a difference in our customers’ lives while moving them forward, and it’s something we do with utmost care and precision. 

 Book your next move with Tamam and we will take care of all the furniture moving within your home or office. 

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