5 Things you simply Shouldn't Put Up with in a Rental

5 Things you simply Shouldn't Put Up with in a Rental

Is your current rental not offering you as much space as you’d like? Or is it too far away from all your favorite places? Maybe it’s time to move. Seems a bit far-fetched does it? Moving used to be a tedious task but not anymore.

Tamam Movers is a reputed home relocation company in Dubai, with years of experience moving families and individuals from home to home. If there’s one thing we’ve learnt over the years, it’s that no reason is too small to move. If your space isn’t working for you, simply move more and leave the home shifting headache to our home movers.

Here are 5 things that shouldn’t be holding you back and are solid reasons for you to relocate home to live the life you desire.

Your current residence is too small

Your kids have grown up and now demand their own space. If your family is feeling squeezed into a one-bedroom home, then it’s time for you to upsize home. Whatever the reason, your notion of the perfect home could be extra-large rooms, wider storage, and a spacious garden yard. It’s the perfect time for you to look for a house that meets your present requirements.

Too distant from loved ones

Sometimes a job or educational opportunity forces us to live away from family and friends. Over time with course completion, a change in career or sudden illness of a close family member turns out to be a genuine reason to move home nearer to your loved ones. After a tiring day of work, you long to spend special moments with your loved ones, that you will reminisce about for a lifetime.

Lack of recreational areas for kids

As kids grow up, they require more recreational activities outdoors. If you spot that your home location lacks the amenities of parks, good schools, or playgrounds, then decide to move. Research neighborhoods that match the ideal location in line with the pastime or interests of your little ones. Your kids are a priority and children need to be gifted with a rich childhood.

No sufficient outdoor space for your pet

For those furry pet lovers, if your pet is feeling caged indoors then it’s time for you to give them a life of freedom. Identify pet-friendly communities in the UAE that have plenty of outdoor garden areas for your pet to run and play around. Make sure the area has jogging trails, dog parks and other amenities for your pets (restaurants, or grooming centers).

Too many hassles

If your present home is situated on a lane with too much traffic noise, rodents, or is located far away from basic amenities, then it is time to bid goodbye to the hassles and just consider a home relocation. All you need to do is research your new location and surroundings well to embrace the life you long for- be it in a serene green neighborhood, or where daily facilities are at walkable distance. If at any time your health deteriorates, and you need access to a range of healthcare facilities, then moving home closer to such facilities is a prudent choice.

Move care-free with Tamam

At Tamam, a top moving company in Dubai, we make moving a breeze and there’s no limit on good reasons to move again in life. Whatever the reason, our team of packers and movers are trained and equipped to help you move in a jiffy. Our moving and packing services in Dubai are secondary to none and we offer a range of add-on moving services to leave no aspect of the move untouched.

Just call +971 58 826 9673 or visit our website to know more about our full-fledged moving services. Also do visit the FAQ section to get the answers to your questions.

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