Book Handyman Services for Ganesh Chaturthi

Book Handyman Services for Ganesh Chaturthi

Hindus world over celebrate Ganesh Chaturthi (also known as Vinayak Chaturthi) with great enthusiasm. During this festival, people bring home clay idols of elephant-headed Deity Ganesha and perform worship rituals and offer prayers. Homes are adorned with flowers, rangolis and lights and colourful pandals to house Lord Ganesha for ten days. On the final day, Ganesh Visarjan is done by immersing the idol in a water body. 

During this time families are busy preparing special dishes and sweets, so setting up one’s home for this grand festival is a bit of tedious work. From putting up massive pandals to layering lights at the right angle, professionals are needed for the job. This is where our handyman services can be of great help to you in the following areas: 

Setting up pandals and decorations: If you plan to install a temporary stage or pandal for the celebrations, our handyman can help you with the setup and decoration. They can also assist in hanging the lights, and flowers and arranging seating for prayer gatherings. 

Electrical set-up: Our handyman are trained technicians who can help you with the set-up of speakers and sound systems for devotional prayers songs and dances. Also, they can set up safe and secure electrical connections for light installation in gardens, balconies or terraces. 

Cleaning and maintenance: Our professional crew can assist you with cleaning and dusting your home both before and after the festival. They can also help with odd maintenance tasks, such as repairing loose furniture, ill-fitting appliances or replacing damaged equipment. 

Transport and logistics: Our team can help you with bringing huge Ganesha Idols to your home and also transporting heavy equipment decorations and other supplies (in bulk) to and from the festival site. 

Overall, a handyman can assist families with a variety of tasks so that you can enjoy the celebrations and welcome a new beginning. 

Take help from Tamam Movers and Packers in Dubai 

Tamam Movers, reputed house movers in Dubai, has been offering home shifting and office shifting services for years. Having closely worked with homeowners, we understand their every need when it comes to home set-up and organization. This is why our handyman services complement home moving and they’re also available independent of our moving services to cater to on-demand help with miscellaneous tasks. You can also avail of our storage facility in Dubai to house your excess decoration and festival equipment once the festival ends. 

If you are moving this September or need help with festival décor set-up, then do keep Tamam Movers in mind. One call is enough to have us at your doorstep. You can also log in here to book our house moving services /office shifting services/handyman services/storage facilities in Dubai.

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