Things to keep in mind on your moving day

Things to keep in mind on your moving day

As stressful as relocation can be, some things shouldn’t be left unnoticed. On top of getting things organized and planning things out you will have to supervise everything to ensure all the things are packed and are delivered properly. During this hurried process, some things can be left behind. We made a list of things that need to keep in mind before finishing your move.

Make a Checklist

It may be due to the stress or because of the speed in which the move takes place, but many people tend to forget to relocate important things and remember only after the move is complete. So to avoid leaving behind anything, make a list of everything you had planned to pack and take with you and go over it two to three times. Doing a thorough check of your previous location can also be an important step to not forget any belongings. Click here to view our checklist. 

Early Planning

Waiting till the last minute to list, organize and check everything will delay your process and leave you with a bad quality move. You must hire a movers and packers as soon as you plan your dates to move and get everything organized to have a good moving experience. 

Using Good Quality Packing Supplies

Old cardboard boxes, plastic bags and bad quality tape can damage your belongings during the moving phase. This is why at Tamam Movers we encourage our customers to let us do the packing with good quality packing material.

Reading Through the Insurance Policy

Anything can happen during the transportation process, even with the best of movers. This is why it’s always best to get an insurance to be sure of your belongings being covered for damages. But not thoroughly reading through your policy can lead to uncertainties and loopholes with which the company may excuse themselves. Tamam Movers always encourages their customers to fully read through their policy to get the maximum coverage for any damage.

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