Ways to find a reputable moving company in the UAE

Ways to find a reputable moving company in the UAE

If you randomly pick a moving company without having researched their background, the moving experience may end up into a nightmare. Hence, it is prudent to invest a bit of time in checking the past performance of the top movers and packers so that the invested effort would pay off in good experience.

When searching for professional moving services, you should be able to spot a reputed moving company from the rest with its excellent track record maintained since years.

Here are few tips to locate the top-rated domestic home movers before you choose the best suited to your requirement.


Good reputation is the result of quality service, arduous work and dedication. Reading a few customer reviews online would give a general idea on the reputation of the moving company and will help you single out three movers with the idea of narrowing down the search. Reading the testimonials in-depth could give a clue on important variables such as reasonable pricing, damage-free record, on-time shifting and ease of moving. You will get a fair idea whether the specific moving company would be worth your money and time.


Another great way to source reputable movers and packers in town is to ask friends, colleagues and neighbors to recommend you a good moving company they have used in the past. Also seek recommendation from friends on your social media platform to reach a reputed moving company. You would get a general sense of the suggested mover’s past performance and level of customer satisfaction.

Add-on services

Have a closer look at the extra moving services that could be provided at your request for successfully completing the move. Does the moving company offer a rented storage facility for storing excess household items? Do they offer support services of furniture installation and dismantling, chandelier fixing and cleaning services?


The moving price quoted should be reasonable in comparison with rates offered by competitors. Enquire if the quote is all inclusive and does not involve any hidden costs later. Compare the estimate you have received in terms of price, service and conditions. It is not advisable to concentrate only on the offered price and disregard the rest of the terms. Though cheap deals offered by new movers may seem lucrative, the quality of moving services from a highly experienced moving company may come at a justifiably higher price.

Years of experience

Movers and packers become more competent at what they do, when they have long-standing years of relocation experience. They would have got a grip on the nitty-gritties of moving business and have the necessary packing supplies and moving equipment to safely pack, load, transport and organize your stuff at the destination. Packers would also be skilled at handling fragile items carefully with necessary measures in place to safeguard them from damage.

License and registration

Select a moving company that is officially licensed and insured so that they are legally bound to protect your property. Also enquire if the packers being deported for the move are full-time employees on the company visa and not temporary hired workers, to decrease the chances of fraud or theft.

Going in for the top professional and respectful home packers and movers would certainly eliminate the chances of deceit by a dishonest mover. Also, you would be fortunate to experience a stress-free moving experience.

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