5 Hacks to pack your boxes when moving

5 Hacks to pack your boxes when moving

Moving into your new place is a boring job which involves proper packing and handling. As boring as it may be, your belongings should be packed effectively to avoid further loss or damage to items. Here are 5 hacks that we have found useful to keep in mind while packing.

Getting free boxes

Packing supplies can get a little expensive if you are doing the move yourself. But there is a way to get free boxes instead of buying them in a store. Go to any medical or home goods store at a non-busy period and politely ask one of the employees to give you spare boxes. But make sure to always choose steady boxes without rips to avoid mishaps.

Securing your boxes

A tape can be your best friend when it comes to packing. Get a thick tape that seals all your boxes well. Start off by securing the bottom of your box and then move on to the sides. This provides reinforcement to the box and will keep your stuff in place. Seal your boxes thoroughly, without anything sticking outside the box to avoid breakage.

Labelling boxes

Make a note to label your boxes with a marker or a labelling machine, on both sides and not on the top. This helps for easy identification of the things in your box. Number your boxes and keep a list of them, so that you know exactly how many items have been packed and loaded.

Packing Fragile items

Using vitamin boxes for packing your glassware can be a good hack as they already have built-in separators. To ensure further safety, using bubble wrap to cover the objects can be a great idea. The bubble wrap will ensure nothing moves out of place and protects your items from damage.

Packing effectively

Heavy items should be kept separately and packed in a bag with wheels which helps in the easy movement of the item. The ideal weight of each of your boxes should be 20kg’s. Anything heavier than that can rip the bottom and spill your items. You can even use a rope to tie around your boxes for better grip and easier handling.

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