Top reasons why the need for storage-facility is growing  

Top reasons why the need for storage-facility is growing  

If there’s one major benefit Covid brought to the relocation sector, is that it gave impetus to the demand for self-storage units. Here are reasons driving the growth of rented storage facilities.

The pandemic has brought a lot of changes— kids attend school online, and employees work more frequently from home. Due to this, homes are used for a wider range of activities and hence this resulted in a shortage of space. In all this, people are taking notice of all the unused stuff in their spaces and recognizing the need to store them elsewhere. Businesses too are relocating or downsizing offices and in the meantime they need to securely store their belongings.

A lot of home shifting companies in the UAE apart from their regular moving services even offer insured storage facility options for your excess stuff. Over the recent years, this option has turned into a preferred choice for storing varied belongings. Here are few reasons driving the use of self-storage units:

Frequent travel

People travel for different kinds of reasons- be it business trips or personal one. With sudden imposing of travel bans due to rising covid cases, people aren’t sure of their date of return. Due to this they can’t risk leaving their valuable things in locked unmonitored spaces. Inevitable problems like a fire or a break-in can jeopardize their valuable’s safety.

Hence, homeowners and office owners are preferring to store their important stuff such as critical documents, expensive goods and other assets of sentimental value in a storage unit. This is more common with those having prolonged traveling schedules without anyone in their home or office. Renting a storage unit gives them peace of mind that their belongings are secure even while away.

Running out-of-space

With more shared accommodations in the UAE and changes in family lifestyle, the need for additional space to house sparsely used possessions has risen. With a lot of members working or schooling from home, they want their spaces to be free from distraction. Anything that robs focus is shortlisted to be cast aside such as magazines, toys, electronics or seasonal stuff.

People have recognized the best way to decongest spaces is to organize excess stuff into a box and head it towards an insured storage unit. Regardless of the reason, storage facilities have become a terrific way to gain extra space for organizing stuff until they are needed next.

In between moves

During the home shifting or office shifting exercise, owners have faced a lot of issues that has led to the demand for rented storage facilities in town. With the new premise set-up taking months, they were responsible to safely store their belongings till they’re ready to be moved to their destination.

From files to furniture and computers, self-storage units provided owners a secure place to house items saving the time/money of expensive rental premises until the final move-in.
Tamam Movers, renowned movers and packers in Dubai, offer secure and insured storage facilities in the UAE apart from regular home moving services/ office relocation services. Your books, electronics, files and seasonal items can be stored for a flexible period at a fraction of the rental cost of your premise. You can use our climate-controlled warehouses to store your entire stuff in between moves while downsizing your home or office and gain convenient access to your belongings anytime.

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