Tips to Safely Move during a Sandstorm

Tips to Safely Move during a Sandstorm

Despite months of planning the weather forecast announces a dust storm on your relocation day. No matter how adamant nature is, cast your worries aside as Tamam Movers can help you move with ease. 

Moving is a tedious task and moving in bad weather can seem even more daunting. Nature can take unexpected turns and no matter how carefully you fix the move date, sudden changes in weather can take you by surprise.  

In the Middle East, sandstorms are a recurring phenomenon that can occur for hours. Loose airborne sand particles drastically reduce visibility and bring a layer of dust inside, causing accidents or triggering allergies and respiratory difficulties (for asthmatic patients). Hence moving with safety is a prime concern. 

 Tamam, a professional home movers’ company in the UAE, is well experienced in home shifting or office shifting even in difficult climatic conditions. From chill weather to scorching heat and dust storms, the team of home movers are geared up to handle any challenge the weather throws. Although one can’t control the weather, you can make sure you and your belongings are safe with these simple tips. 

Close your doors and windows 

During a dust storm, the air gets heavy causing eyes to get blurry, and nose stuffy. If you have forgotten to close a window or door, fine dust particles land everywhere turning your floor into an indoor desert with miniature sand dunes. Among the several packing tasks, no one wants added cleaning headache. Hence shut windows and doors immediately to prevent dust from seeping in. 

Wear protective equipment  

With fierce winds swirling dust across, wear a mask around your nose and mouth to filter out the dust particles. Put up googles to protect your eyes. While traveling wrap a cloth around your head or wear a helmet to protect your eyes, ears and head from flying objects. Those who are hyperallergic can use special Respiratory Protective Equipment (RPE) to not allow the weather affect their health. Use extra plastic wrappings 

No matter how well you pack your stuff, dust can seep into the corners and crevices. So it’s best to use a lot of plastic wrappers, plastic bags or dust-resistant covers to protect your precious things from flying dust. Seal all your belongings with tape and place them in a secluded corner. 

Keep towels handy  

As soon as you arrive in your new home use towels to wipe the dust off your boxes. This will save you from additional cleaning work later on. Store all your boxes in a closed room away from doors or windows to prevent dust from gathering around. Unpack non-essentials slowly after the dust storm has completely subsided. 

Hire reliable moving company in UAE 

Make sure you hire trusted domestic home movers in Dubai for your upcoming move. Having the right equipment and tools, they’ll professionally shift your goods despite any weather challenge. Your belongings from furniture to critical electrical appliances will be packed with care and strapped in enclosed trucks to ensure zero damage during transit. Being licensed and insured, your household goods will also be covered against losses. 

Hope the above-mentioned tips help you move in the best possible manner during a dust storm. 

Tamam movers can move you worry-free  

Even if mother nature takes the city by storm, no worries at all ! Tamam’s home movers and packers in Dubai take all precautions to ensure your home relocation is problem-free. We pay attention to all the minutest details, so you don’t have to. The best part is as affordable movers we provide budget moving services. You can also book our handyman services in Dubai to set up your furniture and other clean up jobs. Rely on our expertise to give you a pleasant experience throughout the move.   

Reach out to our movers and packers in UAE on  +971 58 826 9673 or request a moving quote online. 

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