Tips for Shifting Your Book Collection  

Tips for Shifting Your Book Collection  

If you are a book lover and own a library of books at home, moving your collection can turn into a challenge. After all your beloved looks need to be shifted with utmost care and rearranged into your new home library. 

A collection of books put together turns into a heavy household item and true book lovers may have anything between hundreds to thousands of books. No matter how vast your collection is, meticulous planning and packing you can make the packing and shifting more manageable. In this article, we have outlined some tips to help you shift your book collection: 

Declutter first  

Look at your book collection. Ask yourself do you need all of it? Can you donate or sell the books you no longer read? Sharing and distributing your book collection with others can be just as rewarding as reading them. Apart from sharing knowledge and bringing happiness to others, it will also lighten your load. A win-win scenario for both! 

Create an inventory 

If you have a large collection of books, you can miss out or misplace a few during the packing process. So, you should create a list of all the books you are shifting. This checklist culture will ensure you move the entire lot with a tab on the count and that’ll save you from missing out on any. 

Pack them properly 

Books are sources of knowledge and your best pals when lonely.  So, their packing needs to be done carefully to avoid any tear or damage. Buy strong, durable boxes that can support the weight of books. Pack heavier books at the bottom and lighter ones on top. This helps prevent damage to the lighter books and makes the boxes easier to carry.  

Consider using plastic wrap or plastic bags to protect your books from moisture, especially if you’re moving in adverse weather conditions. Also insert towels or other sturdy items on either side of the books in the box to prevent them from shifting during the move. 

Ask for help  

Moving a large book collection can be a time-consuming task, and having extra hands can be invaluable.  If your book collection is too vast to do it all by yourself do not hesitate to ask friends or family for help.  

Label clearly 

Label each box with its contents and the category they belong to. This will make unloading and unpacking much easier. Also place a ‘Handle with Care’ tag so that the movers know these are your valuable items and need more attention when handling and shifting them to your new home. 

Unpack and organize into categories 

Before you start unpacking, envision how you want to organize the book collection in your new space. Assigning broad categories like fiction, non-fiction, History, GK, and Science will streamline the process and ensure your books are arranged well. Also arranging by category, genre, or author will make it easier to pull out and read. Take your time to unpack and organize each shelf, so that you enjoy the experience of setting up your new library space. 

We hope you enjoyed reading this blog and will go on to set up your new in-home library space.  

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