Things to consider when opting for a rented storage facility

Things to consider when opting for a rented storage facility

Whatever the reason for moving home, be it for a new job or to start a new phase of life, you are most likely to make a successful move when you leave the packing, heavy lifting and unpacking to a professional moving company. While planning the move, you are compelled to sort your belongings, declutter and carry along only those things that are of current use. If you find that you are running out of space for your seasonal or bulky stuff, you can use a storage warehouse that will safely store your belongings till when you need it next.

Here are some of the important points to consider when renting a storage unit provided by the movers:


Mostly seasonal items such as Christmas décor or winter sporting stuff can be stored in storage units. It is important to know if you can gain access to your storage unit at your convenience, especially after work hours. Also check if the procedure to pick up your stuff is hassle free.


It is important to enquire if your belongings are stored in an insured storage facility and do they have a person on-site around the clock to keep a check on the facility? Is the premise equipped with video surveillance and is well lit to prevent any accidental damages and intentional tampering? For these reasons, it is prudent to check the extent of insurance cover in case of any damages on your stored items.

Temperature control

Enquire if the storage facility has temperature-controlled units. If you plan to store things like leather furniture or luxury brand of clothes for a prolonged period, climate control will protect them from development of mold that thrive on moisture.


Do they offer storage units of varied sizes and provide flexible storage contracts be it weekly, monthly, or yearly to meet your needs? You need to assess the amount of room you need to store your excess stuff and the length of storage time to arrive at the right contract storage facility.


One of the most essential considerations for choosing a storage company will be price. You need to find out if the storage solutions are offered at affordable prices and involve no hidden costs. Quite often, there are exclusive deals that moving companies offer and hope you bag the best deal.

We hope you found this guide useful to finding an appropriate storage unit. Do research properly before you finally decide on a storage facility.

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