Don’t pack these 6 things when you are moving

Don’t pack these 6 things when you are moving

 If you are planning to do the packing process by yourself and hire packers and movers to do the transportation, then you might want to know what not to pack. This article will give you a few pointers on things which can be harmful when you pack them into boxes or bags.

Aerosol cans

Things like deodorants, hairspray, room fresheners, spray paint or perfume can cause an explosion due to pressure being topped on them. It is best to avoid packing them with other heavy stuff to be transported by a truck.

Flammable items

It isn’t ideal to pack something that is flammable into a truck to be carried to the new location. Nail polish removers or anything that contains alcohol is some of the items which can cause a serious flame.


Due to the fact that batteries can burst or explode, you shouldn’t be including them in your packing list. These batteries can range from normal household AA batteries to car batteries.


Packing any kind of perishables, from frozen food to fresh, can be a bad idea unless you want to start an ant farm. The food will attract bugs, insects and rodents which can cause damage to your other goods as well.


Although most movers are very secure about their truck and the transportation process, it is better to pack your valuables separately. This prevents the risk of misplacing your items of high monetary value and gives you one less thing to worry about.


Packing your plants into boxes or cartons can be a bad idea. If there are any delays in delivery the plants can die or attract bugs and insects

Packing and moving is a stressful experience, don’t add on to it by carrying items which are best left in the previous location.

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