Shifting of House Plants in Summer

Shifting of House Plants in Summer

When moving home, you can never afford to leave your dear plants behind. These green beings fill your home with tranquility and offer you much-needed relaxation after a tiring day.

Moving plants from here to there obviously requires a lot of care and without proper handling they can dry and die in the process. After all the summers in the UAE are very aggressive with temperatures hitting 50 degrees Celsius. It’s only with proper planning and care that you can successfully move them to a new location. Here are some tips to help relocate your plants in the summer:

Hydrate your plants

When preparing your plants for the move, ensure you water them well. You can also check with a nursery expert on the categories that require water and those that don’t. Keeping the soil moist and leaves sprinkled with water will increase their chance of survival in the scorching heat.

Properly pack the plants

For moving your fragile plants, the packing needs to be done right. You can stuff small potted plants in cardboard boxes and punch these boxes with holes for air to circulate. For the larger pots you can cover them with newspaper or moist cloth.

Transport in temperature-controlled vehicles

When moving your plants consider hiring reliable packers and movers in Dubai who use temperature-controlled vehicles for the move. Also, during long-distances travel make sure they are not exposed to direct sunlight during the move.

Choose the right time

Always opt to move your plants when the heat is less intense. Early morning or late evenings are ideal times to save them from drying out or suffocating in the heat. Plus, stress on plants is minimized.

Replant with care

Make sure the new location is prepared and ready to receive the plants. Prepare the soil and ensure the area is free of weeds and debris. Upon reaching root the plants immediately in their new location. Watering them thoroughly and adding nutrients will help them thrive.

Monitor the plants

Keep a close watch for the first few weeks after the move, and make sure your plants are receiving the right amount of water and sunlight. If you spot wilting leaves, consult a nursery expert for specialized reviving care.

By following these tips, you can help ensure a successful relocation for your plants during the summer months.

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