Save Space, Store with Tamam Movers Dubai

Save Space, Store with Tamam Movers Dubai

You never say no to the good things in life until you run out of space.  If your cabinets are over-filled and cupboard over-stacked, then it’s time to do away with the mess and live a minimalist lifestyle.  

Renting off-site storage space for your oversized or excess belongings is a smart way of keeping that you need, without adding to the clutter inside. Tamam Movers, trusted home movers and packers, offer mess-free home moving services as well as custom storage solutions to suit your personal/office-related needs. Our state-of-the-art warehouses are designed to secure your precious possessions, from jumbo furniture to confidential documents till you need them again.  

Our storage services are ideal for both short or long periods and are available at affordable rates too. We run you through our storage options for you to decide what’s right for you. 

Short-term Storage  

Storage that ranges from one to six months is Ideal for storing seasonal items, personal possessions, sporting equipment or occasional furniture. This temporary option is a stop-gap arrangement that offers spacing flexibility and is meant for those moving or renovating their house or office. 

Tamam offers such storage facilities in varied sizes to fit your individual needs. Even for sensitive goods such as leather furniture to electronics, you can choose to store them in our temperature-controlled units to prevent weather-related damage.   

Long-term Storage 

If you want to simply do away with excess stuff piling up at your home or office, long-term storage is an ideal choice. Varying anytime between one year to three years, this option can house your antique furniture, electronics, office equipment, machines, and heaps of documents. 

All you need to do is box your goods well and head towards the storage unit. You can also have your stuff conveniently collected anytime you need. 

Book our storage facilities in Dubai 

 Whether you’re looking for month-only storage or something more long-term, Tamam Movers, reputed home movers in Dubai, offers pristine storage facilities. Our warehouse feature temperature-controlled units, 24/7 surveillance, on-site packing materials and more. The booking process is simple, and within no time you can have your stuff in or out as desired. When you house your stuff with us, you gain convenience, security and peace of mind all in one go. 

Call us on +971 58 826 9673 to help you decide the right unit size for your belongings and we’ll brief you on the options.

Reserve your move or storage space today by getting in touch with our home movers. 

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