Running out of Storage Space in Dubai?

Running out of Storage Space in Dubai?

We as humans love to buy new things year on year. Trendy seasonal apparel, stylish furniture, eye-catchy showpieces, festival décor and more enter our homes. We never realize how much stuff we have until we run out of cabinet or room space.

Once the shortage of space hits your mind you’re in a dilemma of what to do with your precious stuff. After all you purchased them with hard earned money and you in no way are ready to give them up. But what if you could store all your pricey belongings in an offsite facility at a fraction of the cost and also have them back anytime you need?

Sounds interesting right! Tamam Movers, renowned house movers in Dubai, offer reliable storage services in Dubai apart from regular house shifting services. In close contact with homeowners, we understand and relate to the many needs’ homeowners require at the time of shifting of the house. Whether you’re downsizing home or simply decluttering space, our storage facilities in Dubai are a perfect solution. Our warehouse storage facility is also available independent of our home shifting services.

All you need to do is decide what to pack for storage and head towards our storage units in Dubai or have it collected at your convenience. Though every individual has varying needs when boxing their most precious or personal things, we list out the common household goods that you can consider moving into our storage facility in Dubai:

Furniture: Odd shaped and antique furniture, oversized showpieces, excess furniture items, utensils and appliances.
Seasonal Items: Winter clothing, quilts, large furry blankets and extra cushions.
Sporting Equipment: Your golf carrier, tennis equipment, and other gaming boards when not in use can make way into storage units.
Festival décor: String lights, lanterns, Christmas tree, bells, and heavy work festive clothing and gowns can be pushed into storage spaces.

Note: These are just a few common things you can keep in storage in Dubai. The list is endless and depends on individual preferences.

Store with the best storage company in Dubai

No matter your choice of stuff you want to move into storage, Tamam has ample space. We assure you all your valuables will be housed safely and will be handed over in the nick of time when you need them the most. You can collect them at your convenience with prior intimation and our friendly staff are at your service 24/7 answering and processing any queries or special requirements you have.

As a caring Dubai storage company, we assure you complete peace of mind when your dear things are stored with us. Dial +971 58 826 9673 to get started with your house shifting in Dubai, company moving or storage in Dubai.

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