Roller-coaster of Emotions When Shifting House 

Roller-coaster of Emotions When Shifting House 

Moving home is one of the most overwhelming events in one’s life. Apart from a list of to-dos, you are balancing a range of emotions.  All the memories spent in the house flash back making you nostalgic. You go from sadness, anger, fear to anxiety, loneliness and excitement all in a month.  

Tamam Movers, expert Dubai movers, has helped several families move and we completely understand your feelings during the home shifting phase. Remember that change is a part of life and wherever you go, life moves on. With our experience in furniture moving, we can help you move in a jiffy. All you need to do is take care of yourself and take charge of your emotions when moving. 

In this article, we suggest tips to keep your emotions in check and settle down happily. 


You experienced special moments with your family inside the house. Hence with so many memories attached the thought of leaving trickles tears down your eyes.  

However, remember that it’s natural to experience sadness and no matter where you go memories can be carried along with you. Give yourself time and focus on your future and see sadness vanish away. 


Anxiety, the fear of the unknown, always accompanies you when moving to a place strange to you. With so many changes occurring, things scattered around and landing in a place unknown to you, irrational fears or phobias race your mind. Will my things get damaged during the shift? Does the new town have the facilities I seek? Are the neighbors helpful?   

Well, every new beginning is difficult and the best you can do is to keep yourself calm and acclimatize to the new environment with passing days. As your new life unfolds all your doubts and fears will die down. 

Anger and irritation 

Now that the home relocation has brought chaos and stress you may feel a bit irritated. Not able to find the key or an important document you need may manifest itself in anger and arguments. Also, dishonest or fraud movers and damaged items can add fuel to the fire. 

The best way to overcome anger and irritation is to pack your things early and label all your boxes to find your stuff when you need it. Hire reputable movers and packers to take care of the move, so that the moving journey is smooth and damage-free. Also try out some de-stress activities like walking, yoga and meditation. 


Though fear of the unknown may overwhelm some, the prospect of a new place, new friends, and new life may excite some. But in a new city it takes some time to make new friends and learn about the places. This is when loneliness seeps in as you are all by yourself with no help or support. 

The solution is to relax and experience life as it comes. Explore your new neighborhood, greet your neighbors or join hobby groups and soon you’ll have company. Tour the city to locate attractions and amenities. This’ll let you gain control and evade the loneliness feel. 

At Tamam, a renowned Dubai moving company, we totally empathize and understand the psychological impact of moving. As experienced furniture movers in Abu Dhabi/Dubai we can manage your move smoothly so that you are set to start life in your abode. Approach us for quick and hassle-free home shifting services.

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