Preparing your Child for Home Move

Preparing your Child for Home Move

‘Mommy! I want to go home!’ my 4-year-old son wept. ‘This your new home, Darling, that me moved into just days back’ I consoled him, took him around the house and pointed towards his room’ No let’s go home!’ he sobbed with tears trickling down. I was saddened and could not figure out how to help him thrive in his new surroundings.

Moving home is stressful for parents, but the experience can be even more traumatic for kids, who may not understand your decision for home relocation. Kids do need time and support to settle down. Parents need to help them cope with the associated fears of home moving so that the experience is not that awkward.

Try these tips to help your child slowly transition into feeling home again.

Before the move

– Kids are accustomed to a routine and are comfortable with familiarity. Home move means change in environment, friends and school. The decision to move may be beyond control due to a job transfer or financial issues. No matter the circumstances, the most important way to prepare kids is to frankly discuss the reason for moving home.
– As soon as you plan relocation, explain the reason for moving in a way they understand. Be receptive to both positive and negative reactions and address all their queries or doubts.
– Involve kids in the packing of their toys, books and bags. Making them feel like active participants can get them gradually accept the move, rather than having the decision enforced. Get them pack their comfort items in a clearly marked box, so that it can be unpacked first in the new home.
– Present interesting information about the new home and town they are going to live in. Show online the pictures of activities and adventures they can expect there. A virtual tour of amusement parks, restaurants and playgrounds will pique their curiosity and interest.

During the move

– Moving day itself can be a scary experience for children and demystifying the process in advance helps to evade end-moment surprises.
– Inform them about the movers and packers arriving and let them excitingly witness the logistics of packing and loading the boxes in the truck.
– Assure them that their belongings will be damage-free and safe in the hands of professional and experienced movers.

After the move

– First set your child’s room in order in the house. Try to maintain their schedule for meals and bedtime.
– Encourage your child or teen to stay connected with old friends over phone calls and video chats.
– Get them acquainted to their new school. Take them on adventure weekends, treat them with favorite meals in the nearby cafes and encourage them to explore the community on their bicycle or roller skates.
– In case you spot your child is not coping well and displaying unusual behavioral patterns, don’t hesitate to seek psychological intervention from a clinical therapist.

We hope you find these tips helpful to prepare kids for home moving.

A move presents several apprehensions for children, but with time and patience solutions appear. Your family might even grow closer after going through the home relocation process together.

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