Your packing guide to moving into a smaller apartment

Your packing guide to moving into a smaller apartment

Have you ever wondered where your money is going and realized it was because of your own home? Living in a big apartment or a house comes with many responsibilities and expenses. Even Dubai’s rental market for 2019 has predicted smaller and medium-ranged homes to offer better deals. Snagging a good deal on a smaller home might have left you feeling accomplished but looking at the stuff you have to fit into a smaller home could make you feel otherwise. This article will help you make your home shifting to a smaller place in Dubai, an easier process.

1. Storage

Dubai is a city of many options. There are numerous storage facilities in Dubai, who will store your belongings in a warehouse away from your site. We at Tamam, offer storage spaces for your belongings, which are easily accessible and stored away safely.

2. Declutter and Donate

Instead of throwing away all your belongings to declutter, try donating as many things as possible. This not only helps the society, but you will not face the guilt of wasting money.

3. Planning is crucial

Regardless of the size of the new home, planning is a crucial step in the moving process. Make sure you are ready with your decision. Choosing options to move into a fully furnished apartment could also be viable. Your plan should also include things to reuse in your new house.

4. The joy of listing

Make lists to organize your time and keep track of your belongings. Two important lists to make is one that contains information about your moving process and the second that the number of your belongings.

5. Go Minimal

Being minimalistic is at the top of the trends today. Hence, organizing your furniture, decorations and belongings to choose a minimalist lifestyle can be a great option for your new home. Smaller spaces are a great option to showcase your minimalistic lifestyle without making the place look empty.

Everyone’s reason to move into a smaller home might be different, but at least the bank accounts will have the same reason to be holding more money.

Choose Tamam Movers to have a hassle-free move into your new cosy house. We will take care of all the packing, loading, unloading and assembling so that you don’t have to worry. Get in touch with us on +971 58 826 9673 or email us at for your next home move or office move in Dubai, Sharjah or other Emirates.

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