Long-term storage

Long-term storage

Reliable storage solutions for your precious belongings

Experienced in the moving business for years, we understand the sentimental value towards your belongings and how important they are to you. If you are looking for a reliable way to safely store your items and save on expensive rental premises in Dubai, then Tamam’s long-term storage solutions is the way to go.

Whether your items are currently not in use, are to be sent back home, or you need to clear out your space, housing them in a secure off-site storage facility is the best solution. Equipped with hi-tech surveillance cameras for year-round monitoring, our storage facilities are ideal for housing your sports equipment, furniture, electronics and more. Businesses can utilize our storage services for housing files, electronics to sizeable furniture as well.

Invest in Tamam’s storage facility in Dubai for all your excess items and save up on space. If you have any questions regarding our storage units, contact us and we’ll be happy to help!

Running out of storage space for your oversized goods?

No worries, we bring you more space.

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See what our customers say

Tamam storage unit facilities are very clean, staff are super friendly, and the rates are fair as well. I’ve stored my electronics and extra-large furniture in their facility for over 2 years and have had zero complaints till date. Highly recommended their storage facility in Dubai.

Mrs. Hilda Mathew

I recently shifted my belongings from a shabby storage to that of Tamam’s. Their storage facility in Dubai is neat, well-lit and professionally run. The best part is the staff is highly-responsive, customer-oriented, and always helpful. I am relieved my things are is in good hands.

Mr. Renny Lawrence