Furniture Movers

Furniture Movers

Your trusted furniture movers in town

Elaborate steps and intensive efforts go into moving furniture. Items such as cupboards, cabinets, work desks, beds, pianos, gym equipment, and more need to be properly dismantled, packed, reassembled and installed back at their destination. Anything missing or damaged will cause you worry and burden you with expenses of repair or replacement.

Tamam Move, trusted furniture movers in Dubai, are experienced with moving all kinds of furniture. From delicate antique pieces to bulky sofas, we can move them all. Using the most innovative packing materials, your furniture will be packed and transported watchfully into our clean and regularly inspected trucks. Our packers and movers handle your goods with maximum care, so you can remove this from your list of concerns.

We are PROs at moving furniture big or small

When it comes to moving furniture with precision our company is secondary to none. Be assured we leave no scope for errors to ensure the arrival of your possessions as they were. Here why booking us for your furniture move is only to your advantage:

  • Our team arrives on time to disassemble your furniture and plan its move route.
  • We properly pack your items for easy and damage-free movement.
  • We take into account all subtleties to ensure smooth lifting, loading and transportation.
  • We carefully strap your large and bulky furniture onto our fleet of vehicles.
  • Your furniture is carefully unloaded and reassembled so that it is ready for use.

Need to move heavy furniture from point A to point B?

Want it to arrive intact and in one-piece?

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