Moving to a New City all Alone? 

Moving to a New City all Alone? 

Moving to a new city alone is one of life’s exciting adventures. Though exciting, moving to a new city all by yourself can be nerve-racking. This is especially true if you’re moving for the first time for post-graduation or a career start.  

On the contrary, moving all alone provides a fresh start where you learn to enjoy your independence – making the most of every opportunity and spreading your wings to heights. 

When moving alone, help is round the corner and all you need to be is a little organized and give yourself time to acclimatize to the new city. Roping in experienced home packers and movers will help you get your stuff together and venture on a stress-free move.  Here are some tips to help you plan your move: 

Get a feel of the new place 

The more you learn about the new city, the more you’ll feel at home when you arrive. A bit of research on popular neighborhoods, market areas, restaurants, healthcare facilities, and tourist attractions will help you start life all by yourself. A brief study about the culture and languages will help you better relate to your new life. 

Keep extra savings 

Savings are always handy during your rainy days. As soon as you decide to move to a new city, plan your finances. Set aside an emergency savings fund for any unforeseen expenses bound to come your way. This could be an accidental emergency or sudden illness, or even a cover for delay in finding a job.  

Pack your essentials  

When moving all alone, it’s best to travel light and take along the necessary. Make sure your basics are covered and pack your essentials – office wardrobe, eatables, medicines, emergency first-aid box and important documents. Ensure you carry along a diary with your homeland contacts in case you lose your phone.  

Hire trusted home movers company 

For all your heavy items such as bedding or essential furniture, hire seasoned movers in Dubai to shift the big stuff. Also inquire about their storage facilities in town to store your stuff before you finally settle into a good accommodation. 

Find a co-living arrangement 

Co-sharing accommodation is a pragmatic way to begin in a new town. Put simply, it’s the process of having your own private bedspace with shared spaces like a hall and kitchen with other occupants. Being semi-furnished, co-living abodes help you save while warding off loneliness too. 


Widen your contacts 

Attending events or happenings in town helps you make new contacts and turn them into friendships.  You could join a hobby group or also sign up for community celebrations. With your newly found buddies, exploring the city turns fun and interesting too. Just give yourself time and soon you’ll fall in love with your new life. 

Let Tamam help you with your move  

Whatever your reason for moving, Tamam Movers, the best home movers in Dubai, can help you move with ease. We take care of every aspect of the move for you to have not a single worry on your mind. Leave the worrisome packing, lifting and shifting work on us so that you can focus on exploring the new town. With Tamam as your moving partner, you are sure to enter the city with the positiveness and energy needed for a fresh start. 

Contact us on +971 58 826 9673 or visit our website to know more about our home moving services.

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