Moving Services to Streamline your Move 

Moving Services to Streamline your Move 

Moving home is undoubtedly a stressful event in life. But what if well-planned moving services can take care of each of your worries one by one? 

At Tamam, a reputed house shifting company in Dubai, we understand the varied aspects that consume most of your time and energy when moving. This is why we have designed an array of home moving services to take the pressure off your shoulders and make your move much more stress-free and enjoyable. It’s always beneficial to book these services in advance to keep you relaxed through the move. 

In this piece, we highlight some of our most sought-after moving services that can handle every aspect of your move. 

Odd furniture packing moving  

As trusted furniture movers in Dubai, we are experienced with packing and moving all kinds of furniture. From delicate antique pieces to bulky sofas, piano and gym equipment we can pack and move them all. No matter how odd shaped or heavy your items are we can use the most innovative packing and moving hacks to shift them with ease. Our packers and movers will handle each of your items with utmost care, so you can remove this from your list of concerns.  

Furniture installation 

We can install and fit your varied furniture pieces to get them up and functional in no time. Our certified furniture installation technicians are experts in their field and have extensive experience in setting up various things. From fitting beds, and cupboards, to assembling and rearranging furniture sets we do it perfectly. So, entrust this job to us and eliminate this from your list of concerns when shifting the house. 

Handyman services 

Our handymen are trained to do all the quick fixes and repairs in your home. From electrical to plumbing, repair, painting and cleaning we can handle it all. Whether it is fitting your chandelier or fixing a leaking tap, we can sort it in no time and to your utmost satisfaction. Remove the headache of pending tasks from your list as we execute them one by one. 

Storage services  

When shifting home, you may want to house your stuff for an indefinite period depending on the readiness of your move-in property. Whether you are going through a transitional move, downgrading, decluttering or renovating your home, you can house your stuff in our secure warehouse storage facility. All your things will be maintained in a tidy storage facility for you to access anytime. The best part is that our storage solutions are flexible, ranging from a week to a month or year depending on your requirements.  

Move stress-free with Tamam 

If you’re planning a home or office relocation, our packers and movers can organize every bit leaving nothing to your worry. Our team will get everything up and running as soon as possible with the minimum amount of disruption.  Each one of your items will arrive at your doorstep in an unscathed condition. 

Also, our range of services is available independently of our moving services, and you can book them anytime you need in between. Get in touch with our team today to find out more about how we can help. 

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