Moving Out of your Parents’ Home?

Moving Out of your Parents’ Home?

All these years you’re so comfortably nested in your parents’ home, that the sudden thought of moving out seems stressful. But at some point, moving is inevitable to start an independent life.

Higher studies, an internship, project work, or a new job are common reasons why individuals make a maiden move. Living on your own you get to experience the hard realities of life, learn to overcome challenges and resolve problems on your own. Though it’s tough initially it’s essential to develop a mature and responsible outlook towards life. 

Tamam Movers, experienced home movers in Dubai, have been moving the youth for years. We understand the worry and stress first-time movers experience and hence we have listed a few tips to help you move. 

List and carry essentials 

Now that you are venturing on a life of your own, make a list of the important things to carry along (such as personal documents, medicines, bed linen, quilts, toiletries, and ready to eat snacks). Depending on whether you’re moving for a job or to attend university, shop for the right attire and shoes. Depending on the climate of the place you’re moving to take along sweaters, caps, raincoats and boots. 

Prepare your expense budget 

Now that you’ll be living alone, bills will be pressing on you each month. Make sure you prepare a realistic budget for all accruing expenses. These could include rent, transport fees, food expenses, and utility fees. Also set aside an emergency fund for emergency medical care and unplanned events. 

Keep communication open 

Living in shared accommodation with 2-4 mates is a different experience for you. Living together means understanding, adjusting and accommodating each other when cooking, cleaning or using shared facilities within (like TV, washing machine, fridge and more). Communicating openly and respectfully can avoid misunderstanding, and arguments between dwellers and help you get along. 

Keep in touch with parents 

Your parents have your best interests in mind and are your best advisors. Whenever in a dilemma or facing a problem, don’t hesitate to ask for help. Whether it’s sudden financial expenses or clash between roommates or bullying at college or work, share your experiences and seek advice. 

Make new friends 

Living alone can make you feel lonely and homesick. To overcome this phase, join clubs and activity groups to connect with people who share similar interests and hobbies as yours. This way you’ll have a common point to converse with and forge friendships. Plus, having a circle of supportive friends makes life interesting as you acclimatize to a new life. 

We hope you practice these tips when moving out and we wish you all the best in your journey towards an independent life.  

Move out with Tamam 

Very few get their relocation right the first time, but with professional packers and movers by your side this is possible. As experienced house movers we can help you move your things from big to small and also extend help with the packing too. After we have moved your last box, you’ll realize how easy and worry free the process was.  Anytime you need us again to install furniture or store your excess or seasonal belongings, our furniture movers, handyman services and storage services are just a call away. 

If you are contemplating a first time move, feel free to connect directly with our team of movers and packers in Dubai/Abu Dhabi. With us by your side, you’ll enjoy a safe worry-free relocation.

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