Hurray! Summer Vacations are here. Put your Stuff in Storage Unit

Hurray! Summer Vacations are here. Put your Stuff in Storage Unit

Summer vacations are the time to tour new places, try new things, and create lasting memories with loved ones. In the UAE June, July August are the most anticipated months by families to fly to their hometowns or travel worldwide.

But when moving for such long periods it’s not recommended to leave your precious stuff in a vacant residence. Risks such as theft, vandalism, pest infestation or lack of temperature control could cause damage. A safer alternative is to rent a storage unit that has proper security controls in place for housing your belongings. Here are reasons why keeping your stuff in storage facilities in Dubai can benefit you in many ways:


When heading for vacation, you never know what can attack your belongings. Pests? robbers? a fire? Hence storing your belongings in a secure storage space can give you peace of mind while you’re away. With security measures (surveillance cameras, alarms and locks) in the storage facility your items are kept safe.


When you’re on a vacation you surely don’t want headaches. A storage unit can protect your belongings from damage/theft so that you can enjoy your holidays carefree. By storing in a climate-controlled and 24/7 monitored storage space, you protect your sensitive things like electronics, furniture and artwork from factors beyond control.


When flying on a vacation isn’t it convenient to box all your stuff and move it into a warehouse storage in Dubai? Booking a storage unit is the most convenient option, especially when traveling for extended periods. Instead of leaving your belongings in an unoccupied home you can store them in a secure facility.

In gist, storing your belongings in a trusted space can provide you peace of mind during holidays.

Store in Tamam’s Warehouse Storage

At Tamam Movers, reliable house movers in Dubai, we have ample storage space to house your valuables during a long vacation. Our warehouses are all temperature controlled, monitored 24/7 and insured as well. We’ll give back your things as they were, unscathed and untouched.

Just WhatsApp us or fill in your details to book a storage facility in Dubai today.

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