Being a Good Neighbour after Moving In

Being a Good Neighbour after Moving In

The most exciting part of moving home is settling into a new neighborhood, exploring the area and making new friends. Every neighborhood has something unique to offer and as a newbie in town you are fascinated to discover more.

Connecting with your neighbors is also a phase of settling down. The new acquaintances can be of help in times of any emergency. Equally, it is also important to be mindful of your actions, to ensure that no inconvenience is caused to your neighbors in the hustle-bustle of relocation.

Here are few ways to be a good neighbor and quickly adapt to the new place.

Be courteous

While moving home, be considerate enough to ensure your activities don’t cause disturbance to the neighbors. Though we don’t intend trouble; unknowingly our movements may affect their schedule.

Refrain from shouting, scattering boxes or garbage and blocking sidewalks, which can be annoying to those dwelling around.

Move at convenient hours.

Your neighbors would likely appreciate if you timed your move during peak hours of the day. The hours between 9-5 are the most convenient as you are less likely to annoy them with noise, parking interference, or way blocks.

Notify the closest homeowners, especially those with babies/toddlers of any inconveniences that may impact them. Parking and shifting noise should all be part of your consideration. Obtain their permission if the movers and packers’ vehicle would block the driveway for a few hours.

Keep it clean!

After the moving truck has left, clean and disinfect the house, patio, garden yard and parking lot to eliminate garbage or debris that has been left behind. Keep your neighborhood clean— and you will be noticed as a good neighbor.

Greet your neighbors

A fantastic way to meet your new neighbors is to spend time outdoors on the porch and garden. Greet a “hello” and reciprocate in a friendly manner when they wish you. Always try to keep the talk short unless it naturally progresses and allow the neighbor sufficient time to get to know and respond to you.

Explore the neighborhood

After unpacking, go for a brisk walk. Traveling around helps you locate the nearest grocery stores, supermarkets, schools, cafeterias, and public gardens in the vicinity, and you also familiarize yourself with the people in area.

Host a party

Invite you neighbors for tea parties (with social distancing norms) for an entertaining evening. The kids in the area could get introduced and plan playtimes over weekends. Knowing your neighbor’s occupations, interests and hobbies can all be common grounds to bond and engage in community activities.

Connecting with your neighbors will help you feel more established in your new residence. A day will come when the neighborhood is no longer unfamiliar, and you have settled into life in the community.

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