Things you might not want to put in storage

Things you might not want to put in storage

Having a clean home is not that hard anymore. You don’t have to bear the guilt of throwing away your belongings to have an organized space. Using storages can be an affordable and  better option than choosing to buy a bigger home or throwing away your things. But, before you make your decision, here are some things you might want to leave at your house rather than the storage.  


Putting your valuables like jewellery, precious metals, stones, artifacts or documents in storage can be a bad option. Despite good security and protection around the warehouses, the liability of losing something valuable would not be easy to cover up.


Storage isn’t the ideal spot to store perishable items. The items can start decomposing which can attract bugs, insects and other unwanted visitors to your unit. This damages the rest of the goods put into the unit as well.


Fuel powered machineries are not suitable to be stored in storage due to the risk of combustion. As these machineries are also of a high value, the risk of losing them due to damage or other causes can be difficult to cope with.


Pets or plants

Storage isn’t the place you can keep your pets or plants as they need food, water and light. Although, storage can be used for keeping your gardening tools or your pet’s accessories. Living things cannot be stored away in storage units.



Explosives, firearms, gunpowder or fire crackers cannot be kept in storage to avoid the risk of the facility blowing up. These things are best discarded away or kept in some place which is specialized to store these materials.


Hazardous materials

Anything that is flammable, radioactive, toxic or corrosive should not be kept in a storage facility. Products like petroleum, petroleum products, medical waste and medical products, chemicals, deodorants and aerosol cans are not supposed to be placed in storage.

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