What you should expect from a moving company

What you should expect from a moving company

Numerous relocating companies exist for various price ranges. But all of them must at least meet certain criteria before you can confirm them as your packers and movers. Here is a list of things you as a customer can expect from a packers and movers company.

A quote
The packers and movers company should be able to give you a quote based on your specifications. The services that will be provided by them should have a clear breakdown for the fare which is why this is the most important thing to expect.

Make a list of inventories

The packers and movers company should make a list of all your belongings being packed and moved to the new location. This is to avoid being questioned for damage when the moving process is taking place.


Providing you with insurance for the goods is a necessary step that needs to be offered by the company. Tamam packers and movers always make sure to offer their customers insurance to prevent the risk of damaged goods.

Packing and loading

All your belongings that were agreed to be packed needs to be packed and securely loaded into their truck. Be around when this step is taking place to ensure everything goes as per plan.

Scheduled delivery

The packers and movers you have chosen whether in Dubai or any other city should be able to give you your belongings on the time and date that was scheduled.


After transporting your goods, the movers should be able to carefully unload your furniture into your new place.

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