Best Practices for a Smooth Office Move 

Best Practices for a Smooth Office Move 

The goal of a successful office move is not just moving people, furniture and equipment but doing so with minimal fuss to no downtime.

A lot goes into an office move and it is one of the most complicated tasks. From finding the perfect office address, shifting IT infrastructure, classifying files, managing employee apprehensions to team coordination, and setting up an immediate work-ready space- the list is endless. The better planned the office move, the more likely employees can comfortably commence work the very next day after moving.

Tamam, reputed office movers in Dubai, are backed up by years of office relocation service experience and have compiled 5 best practices to make your office move a headache-free affair:

Get your employees prepared

As soon as you decide to change your office location, inform your employees. No one likes to be blindsided, especially with news that affects routine life. With prior notice, your employees have sufficient time to prepare and take the necessary steps to embrace change.

Although you may be entrusting major packing tasks to an office moving company, it will be a relief if staff are responsible for their individual desk space. Request staff to pack up their own desks and belongings the eve before moving.

Declutter and discard obsolete stuff

Packing is the best time to search through and eliminate stuff no longer useful. This is the perfect time to discard worn-out furniture, outdated computers or old files that are no longer needed in the new office. Any electronic stuff that has a resale value can be sold out or sent to recycling units. By decluttering and clearing the junk you save the cost of unnecessary moving.

Protect your IT and electronics

With dozens of computers in an office, each needs to be properly disconnected, packed, and shifted. Let the IT personnel devise a meticulous plan to secure movement of IT equipment, servers, cabling and indispensable data center infrastructure. They need to prepare a list of printers, fax machines, company-provided laptops and monitors to be moved. Seek help from professional office moving experts for equipment that mandates special handling, such as complex machinery or bulky devices.

Select the best office moving company

Appointing trusted office movers and packers in the UAE will eliminate lots of headaches for you and your team. Backed by years of experience, commercial movers guarantee you an efficient and successful relocation. With specific moving equipment and packing materials they can quickly haul up and safely shift every asset. An appointed move coordinator will oversee the entire shifting process under a watchful eye and employ checklists to ensure everything is smooth as per the plan.

Update contact details and address

After moving, it’s time to notify ‘We have moved’ to your clients, suppliers and service providers with the new mailing address and contact number. Upload your new location and contact details on Google and other online listing sites. Update your bank forms with the new details. If your telephone numbers have changed, then have the old numbers redirected to the new.

Brace up for your move with the most affordable movers in town

Tamam Movers, a trusted office relocation company in UAE, comprehends the diverse moving needs of small to large offices. Our team of packers and movers are courteous and cooperative while packing and transporting things. We offer handyman services for reconfiguring and assembling furniture or cubicles at the workplace, and taking care of all quick fixes and repairs that are needed for immediate commencement of work. Do consider our storage facility in Dubai for storing your important stuff too.

Get in touch with Tamam on +971 58 826 9673 or send an email to for your approaching office move in Dubai, Sharjah, Abu Dhabi or other Emirates.

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