5 Things to Look for in a New House

5 Things to Look for in a New House

Finding your dream house is as good as exploring the list of ‘ Tick Marks’ for a perfect life. The process of searching for the perfect house is elaborate and time-consuming as various factors need to be taken into consideration when finalizing a property for living.

Being in the moving business for years and having closely studied homeowners’ needs, Tamam, reputed international movers in UAE understand the various factors that go into the entire home search to final move-in process, and we are there to support you through every phase.

There are many factors that go into consideration when planning to move into a brand-new house. Here we present 5 major factors you’ll want to keep in mind for making a decision

Location of property

The location of home has a trickle-down effect on the way you wish to enjoy life. Do you seek a quiet life in the suburbs on the outskirts of the city or reside in the busy heart of the city? Do you wish to wake up each day to scenic views of the oceans and cascading waterfronts? Or do you long to live in the middle of verdant green landscapes or a golfing ground? Is your address within a self-contained living community having a lineup of retail outlets and grocery stores.? Undoubtedly, location is a prime factor as it remains constant until you live there.

Quality of appliances and fixtures

It is important that you check out the brand of kitchen appliances, electronic goods, light fittings and other electrical fixtures in the house. Quality brands indicate more features, durability and longer warranty periods. However, also find out how easily repairable or replaceable are the fittings in case of any malfunctioning.

Lifestyle amenities

Check if the house tick marks all your list of ‘Must Haves’ for the perfect life you envisage. Does your property offer amenities such as a swimming pool, gym room, jacuzzi and ample outdoor areas for relaxing? Are there lush garden spaces that allow me time and parties in the evenings? Is there a separate office room or kids play area in the house? These are just a few options to reflect upon. Your list of desired amenities depends on your notion of an ideal lifestyle.

Community infrastructure

As your house is part of a larger community that you’ll exist in daily, it’s critical that you find a neighborhood with all facilities that suits your needs. Are there restaurants, healthcare facilities, hypermarkets and fitness centers in the neighborhood? Are there playgrounds and recreational parks available for kids to play and is it safely gated and guarded for their safety? Are nurseries, schools and public transport facilities in proximity within walkable distance?

Security features

When looking for a house, the topmost factor is the security of the premise for you and your family. Are there security systems such as hi-tech surveillance cameras, motion sensors, smart home automation and alarm systems within? Is there fire safety equipment in the premise and how accessible is timely intervention and external help in case of emergencies?

While mulling over the factors for deciding to move into an ideal house, you can keep your search on for a reliable home movers’ company in town for your upcoming home shifting process.

Tamam, renowned UAE movers, have been moving individuals and families to their dream home for years and with every move, our home moving services have seasoned over time. Once you zero in on the perfect house for moving, our trusted packers and movers in UAE can get you from here to there quickly, that too on budget moving services.

Rope in our handyman services in Dubai to help you with quick fixes and repairs for settling in. As a furniture movers’ company, we also do furniture installation, reconfiguration and disposal too. Plus, you can store your excess, seasonal or unwanted stuff in our secure storage facilities in Dubai.

We wish you all the best in your house looking endeavor and once you are ready reach out to us on +971 58 826 9673.

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